Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Teak Root Furniture special?
Teak’s natural oils make it useful in exposed locations, and make the timber termite and pest resistant. Teak is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish.

Where does Teak Root come from?
The vast majority of commercially harvested teak is grown on teak plantations found in Indonesia.

What is the difference between Teak Root and other wood furniture?
Teak is a yellowish brown timber with good grains and texture. It is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, boat decks, and other articles where weather resistance is desired.

Did you know?
Teak, though easily worked, can cause severe blunting on edged tools because of the presence of silica in the wood.

What is the quality of the Teak Root Tables we offer?
Luca selects and designs each teak piece personally for quality and uniqueness of the material. We do not buy or sell bulk. Most of the larger teak pieces come from reclaimed wood from found felled timber as teak does not rot or decay. This way large trees are protected, instead of cut down.

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